Friday, January 13, 2006

The Saga Continues

My "Official"/Unofficial Year-End Review for work1 was today.2 Once again, my boss is completely confusing me about my upcoming job at The Firm this summer. You will recall that last time she talked to me, I was chastised about next summer's gig... but the time before that, she was really nice. Well, she was really nice again this time. She kept talking about how she thought I was doing good work, and how it was a good idea for me to be trying out a firm for the summer, and that if I wanted to consider coming back to Big Corporation after next summer then I should let her know. Really weird.

Our company recently won a fairly big litigation against a competitor so we are still giddy about the victory, so they had a little celebration lunch to talk about the highlights of the case. We had a really good lunch (roast turkey and roast beef with yummy potatos, plus a delicious cheesecake for dessert) and a PowerPoint presentation. The coolest part (for me) was the corporate attorney's talking about how great their trial counsel was, because the trial counsel was from The Firm. It's nice to know I'm going to work with good lawyers.

1"Official" because I had to fill out the Official Evaluation Form and have a review meeting with my supervisor, but Unofficial because it doesn't actually get entered into the system and I don't get "graded" on my performance since I am just a part-time clerk.
2You haven't lived until you've had a Work Evaluation on Friday the 13th. Just to put us in the mood, I decided to wear an old-fashioned hockey mask to my review meeting and I made my boss call me Mr. Vorhees.


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