Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Rejection Letter Day!!!

Today's Question From My Jeopardy! Desk Calendar - Category: Foreign Words and Phrases for $1000... Spanish for "little war," it's a member of a small band of irregular soldiers who harass the enemy by surprise raids... My guess, Guerilla (I knew high school Spanish would come in handy some day)

Answer: What is a guerilla... $1400 for the week.

Song Lyric For Today
Now she didn't forward no address.
No, she didn't say goodbye.
All she said was if you get blue,
Just hang your little head and cry.
And that's all she wrote
"Dear john,
I've sent your saddle home."
Dear John by Hank Williams (I don't know if it's Jr. or Sr.)

Today I sent off my rejection letters, or as I euphemistically call them (is euphemistically a word?) "turn-down" letters (hence my somewhat related, yet still not quite there, song lyric), to the schools I won't be attending so that some poor schmuck on the wait list can get in. It's a little hard because a couple of them offered really good scholarships (the school I have chosen gave me a good scholarship, but not nearly as good), but none of the schools have the right combination of where Wife and I want to live and quality/reputation of the school, so I will be going into debt. Hopefully my work experience and the aforementioned quality and reputation will end up paying off in the end... I guess time will tell.

In a related note... I'm come to the conclusion that trying to be totally anonymous on this blog is beyond the scope of my cleverness (as referenced by my terrible nicknames). I'm still not going to give names of actual people, but I don't have the energy or intelligence to make my descriptions completely anonymous, so I will begin using actual place names... starting with the law school of my choice. I have decided to go to the University of Minnesota Law School. There, I feel better. In good news, my future school's (the undergrads at least) women's basketball team upset top seeded Duke to advance to the Women's Final Four... pretty sweet. I'm such a dork, I have school spirit before it's technically even my school (I haven't even sent in my seat deposit yet). Oh well. If any of my non-existent readers are also planning on the U (as it's called in the Twin Cities), e-mail me, and we can anticipate the impending doom together. Later.


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