Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Never Thought I'd Say This

But... I agree with Jeb. Jeb is joining a whole bunch of people (including me) that think the NCAA's recent ban on (basically) all Native American mascots, including the Florida State Seminoles (hence the reason Jeb even cares). Besides Florida St., some other prominant schools listed on the official NCAA press release are the University of Illinois (Fighting Illini), the University of Utah (Utes), the University of North Dakota (Fighting Sioux), and Central Michigan University (Chippewas).

Well, I'm part Irish, so I'm offended by Notre Dame's mascot. And I'm also part French and I have cowlicks, so I'm offended by Texas Christian University's mascot (the Horned Frog). Also, my great-great-great grandfather was a brown ground rodent, so I am really offended by the University of Minnesota's mascot. Why does the Gopher have to be Golden. What's up U, you racist or something?

Here's a news flash for NCAA, just because a university mascot uses the name of an indian tribe does not mean the depiction of the tribe is negative. For example, the Florida State mascot is endorsed, even designed by the Florida Seminole tribe. The University of North Dakota has a large number of Native American students. None of the logos or mascots of any of the schools I listed seem to be offensive or derogatory to me. The closest to being offensive that I see is the use of the word "Fighting" in some mascot names, and the fact that the Florida State mascot seems very warlike. But you have to remember, these are sports mascots... in our country, sports (particularly football), is a metaphor for war... so unless the mascot is disrespectful (like the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Savages, or the Washington Redskins), a warrior mascot is fine.

I really thought that the Politically Correct war was starting to die down a little as people realized how absurd some of the PC battles were (like insisting on calling that round thing in the street a "Person Hole" Cover, or an "Ovular" instead of a seminar). But apparently the NCAA never got the memo about picking your battles, and decided to come out with both guns blazing.


At 12:53 PM, Blogger rina said...

Native American mascots are offensive, unreasonable. Do we see teams called the Gooks, Niggers, or Wetbacks? It's not an issue of being politically correct. It's an issue of being decent to fellow human beings.

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Unreasonable Man said...

OK, how is it being indecent? The Seminole tribe endorses the mascot... how is that indecent?

The difference between the name of a tribe and gook, nigger, and wetback should be fairly obvious. Unless you are so hateful that you think just the tribe name is offensive, you've lost me on your argument.


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