Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Freak Out (On on Minor Scale)

Yesterday I had my first minor freak out work I had done for another lawyer at work. "What if I was wrong?! What if my little report I just made is going to end up costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars?"1.

So now I have to calm myself down:
"OK, breath man! They would not give work to a clerk which can be screwed up royally. And even if it could be screwed up, they wouldn't rely on your advice so blindly that it would end up costing them real money. They would give it to a real lawyer, probably outside counsel (so if the lawyer screws up, they can recoup through a malpractice action)." Phew. It's kind of weird that I worked for 3 years doing patent applications, and even doing some legal research, and I never really had a similar freak out. Anyone else have this problem yet... or am I just being a big pussy?2

1Luckily, the matter was for a negotiation on an alleged license breach, and I know what the numbers were. Otherwise I would be saying "What if my advice is going to end up costing the company MILLIONS of dollars?!!!"
2I will stop being friends (or married) to anyone who says something cute, like "Yep."


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