Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ode To Slacking

Oh slacking, where have you gone?
Only 9 months ago I was complaining because I was bored waiting for law school to start.
I want to grab the 9-month ago me and yell "Stupid pre-1L! Enjoy your slacking! Go outside, lay on the lawn and enjoy the sun!"
I used to be able to sleep until Noon, then sit on the couch for a couple more hours playing Halo before actually getting up to do anything and not feel guilty about it. Was I ever so naive?
Now, because finals are looming (How can my first final be in less than 2 weeks?! Where the hell did the time go?!) even when I have "free" time (meaning I'm done reading for class), I have to be outlining. In fact, I shouldn't even be wasting time blogging to you, my loyal readers.
To slack, perchance to nap!
Slacking, I will avenge you!

Back to outlining. :(


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