Monday, December 06, 2004


I apologize for not posting for so long. The crazy endgame of finals are upon me, and I've been going a little nuts. I don't expect to post much until finals are done... so here is a quick recap of the past couple weeks.

- Before Thanksgiving - I had my final Legal Writing Memo and a Constitutional Law Paper Due (yes my Con Law professor is cruel and requires us to write papers during the semester). It sucked.
- Thanksgiving weekend. I had five days off, but most of it was either spent eating or outlining. It sucked, but at least I got some sleep.
- After Thanksgiving - back into the fray. Most of my classes are winding down... but I was having trouble caring. I was starting to feel apprehension about finals. I got my Con Law paper back and got a really good grade (which didn't suck... a beacon of light in the darkness), AND I had another Con Law paper due, and it sucked.
- Now - I'm having my obligatory "What the F**k am I doing in law school?! I'm not smart enough for this, I'm going to fail, and my life will be ruined!" Breathing helps (a little) and I think once 1 or 2 exams are out of the way I'll feel better, but I am officially *FREAKING OUT!!* It sucks big time.

That's basically my life right now. I can't wait until Christmas. One whole month of sleep and spending time with my wife that is unfettered by thoughts of the law. That will be awesome, and most assuredly will not suck. Later peeps.


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