Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ahh Irony... A Britney "Best Of"

In an effort to get back to what is really important for America after the whole election... thing, today I am going to write about what is really important... pop music.
All I can say is, wow... what a sad statement for our society that Britney Spears1 is putting out a "best of" anything. If this is the best she can do... then she needs to pack it up and start making her white-trash family with her already white-trash hubby.

Hey Britney! "Best of" albums are for artists who have been around for longer than five years! Or at least for artists who have put out some truly kick ass music! Ex Mouseketeers don't count!2 Wow, I don't know where that rage came from... I guess law school is getting to me.

1 I'm sorry, Britney Federline... or is that marriage already over?
2Well, maybe they do if they are JT (that's Justin Timberlake to you) or Christina.


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