Monday, November 01, 2004


Today is November 1, and in 1L land that means it is the first day that career services can officially talk to us (I'm not really sure who says so... but that's the rule)... because of this, instead of sitting in the library finishing up my reading for the week so that I can work on my open memo without large amounts of stress, I am forced to sit through this 2-hour monstrosity of Career Services indoctrination1. Luckily, I have no shame in being a bad audience member and using this time to outline or even read2.

Part of this job extravaganza was a panel of 2L's talking about what they did last summer. Here is a breakdown of these people:
- Didn't do anything guy - this is the guy who for whatever reason didn't really try to get a legal job for the summer, and instead traveled around Europe. While I have loads of jealousy of this guy... I know that this isn't realistic, or smart
- Job in big firm woman - this is the lucky woman who got a paying clerkship in one of the BigLaw firms here in Minneapolis3... this is the person that everyone admires and hates at the same time
- Took some classes guy - He couldn't get a full time job (not unprecedented, so no judgment against him), so he took classes over the summer instead.
- Save the world woman - there were actually two of these (both women), one who wanted to work in non-profit environmental law and one who worked for a California state representative who did work in human trafficking (at least I think that is what she said). I have no problem with this kind of person... but I also can't hear them speak without my eyes involuntarily rolling up into my head
- Just happened to get a job guy - this is the guy who put all his eggs in one basket, sent out like one resume and hit the jackpot. I would have been jealous, but it was a job that didn't sound interesting to me (a clerk with a U.S. Attorney in Fargo, N.D.)
- Legal research for professor girl/guy - there were a few of these. This seems to be the default. Cheap labor to fuel the professor's academic careers.

Update: Immediately after leaving the presentation, I actually saw a line of people to sign up for the Career Services 1-on-1 counseling. I'm not saying this counseling isn't important (in fact, it would be infinitely more useful than this presentation) but I don't think you need to rush to sign up for slots, when there are more then enough slots for every 1L. I just don't understand some people.

Update 2: Matt had a similar experience at SLU... only those lucky bastards got free food! I had to bring in my own lunch (read: leftover Halloween candy [Mmmmm... candy]). Well crap, My school sucks.

Update 3: FalconRed had yet another similar experience in NY... only he got free wine and cheese. Damn, for a top 20 school, Minnesota can be cheap sometimes. Also, Falcon got an iPod... I am so jealous... Oh yes, it will be mine!

1Which in turn means that I have that much less time to finish my reading and memo. Thanks for removing my stress.
2And a quick glance around the room confirms that I am not the only such student.
3BigLaw here in Minneapolis is not the same as BigLaw in NYC, L.A., Chicago, D.C, etc. but there are still some pretty big law firms here


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