Monday, October 25, 2004

Here We Blow Again

Continuing from my post from a couple weeks ago... this story made me curl up on the floor and cry for a few minutes. You should have seen the look on the faces of the other law students in the library... it was pretty comical.

OK, so there wasn't any public outrage when it was determined that nuclear material was missing... now there is evidence that 380 tons (that's 760,000 pounds) of explosives are missing in Iraq too. Wow. Forget outrage... how about terror... that I-can't-go-out-into-the-world-and-be-a-normal-member-of-society kind of terror. The good news is that 380 tons isn't all that much (thanks to Pandagon for pointing out this absurdly Conservative argument)

The good news is it makes the reading I have to do much less stressful, because there may not be an United States of America much longer (because it's going to get blowed up), so it hardly seems relevant to study their laws.


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