Friday, October 15, 2004

Phoning It In

I'm being lazy today (or at least this morning)... so like any law school blogger worth his salt, I want to get "credit" for a post without doing any real work, I am going to link to someone else who wrote something funny (this is from Jeremy Blachman's very thorough and very funny parody of Wednesday's presidential debate). Here's my favotire part (regarding Kerry's answer about his strong wife):
KERRY: I married up. I married way up. Do you know how rich she is? Do you? She is so goddamn rich it's totally awesome. I don't even need to win this election, Bob. I am so rich that it's absolutely astonishing that I don't get laughed out of the room when I say that I identify with the problems of the middle class. If you divided the money I have among everyone in the state of Arizona, we all still wouldn't be middle class.

It's funny because it's true. Ha!


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