Thursday, October 07, 2004


Let's say, "hypothetically," that someone in one of your classes... I don't know, hypothetically Contracts... raises his hand and begins his statement with "Yesterday in [other class] (again, hypothetically Civil Procedure), we talked about something like this topic1 and I wanted to clarify why the law does this... [blabbity] [blah] [blah] [I feel my voice is so much better than yours] [blah]," you should, hypothetically, be able to close your ears and start playing FreeCell2. You also should feel free to laugh, at least under your breath, when the professor dismisses this brilliant scholar's comments instead of giving him the applause he felt he deserved.

1Note: It wasn't anything like the topic we... I mean this hypothetical class... was talking about
2Hypothetically you could also play solitaire (either normal or Spider) or any other game you feel is just (I, hypothetically, would have played Texas Hold'em Poker)


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