Friday, October 01, 2004

Master Debaters?

So I caught the debate last night (actually I had TiVo record the debate and I watched it later in the evening, but why trifle?), and in my (biased) opinion, Kerry won... but just barely.

Kerry seemed more well spoken, laid out some actual plans he might have (although he didn't elaborate much), and he fumbled a LOT less then the President did. Plus, Kerry didn't take repeated pot shots at the President, without at least backing it up. Bush didn't appear to say much of anything (except of North Korea, after Kerry brought it up) except to state veiled insults for Kerry. I don't how many times I heard Bush say "He changes positions" (a nicer way of saying he's a flip-flopper), and "What kind of a message does it send to our troops when you say 'Wrong war, wrong place, at the wrong time.'" I don't know, that you're a person who thinks things through before acting and that he cares enough about the troops to take them into consideration before sending them to die.

My favorite part of the debate... when President Bush pointed to Poland to say that we have such a strong coalition1... and then when Kerry pointed out that all we really had was us, then England (a little), and then Australia (a lot less)... THEN, in his rebuttal, President Bush said "Well, he forgot Poland." Wow.

1To which I would have responded "We've got POLAND?! I didn't know POLAND was on our side. I retract my statement that we didn't have a coalition, especially with a powerhouse like POLAND"


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