Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VEEP-bates and Baseball

Rather than doing some hard core studying like I should have been doing last night, here is what I did. I watched the Vice Presidential Debate and the Twins-Yankees game (thank you TiVo for making this possible). Here are my thoughts... in order of importance:
1. THE TWINS WIN! - Yeah... screw you Yankees! The Twins showed why they shouldn't be counted out. They can pitch, they can play defense, and they can string together hits to score just enough runs to win. Even with Santana pitching at nowhere near his normal dominance, the Twins still shut out the Yankees and pulled together two runs to take game 1. Awesome.

2. Cheney Won - Damn it! As much as it pains me, I think VP Cheney won last night's debate. He was more prepared, appeared to have a better grasp of the details, and didn't come across as the curmudgeon he normally does (at least not much). On the flip side, John Edwards pretty much just said exactly what Kerry said on Thursday for most of the issues without really adding any new insights. It seemed like all he tried to do was make Cheney and Bush look bad, rather than trying to make Kerry and Edwards look good. Edwards took a lot of big swings, but he never really landed any punches; Cheney seemed to either dodge them or block them with what I thought were thoughtful counterpoints. It just seemed that Edwards showed his inexperience too much while Cheney came across (to me) as someone who knew what he was doing and what he wanted to do. That being said, I don't think it was necessarily a landslide victory... but Cheney acted more Presidential than Edwards (or is it Vice-Presidential?).

OK enough about the "serious" issues of the day. I've been going at this law school thing for almost 5 weeks now, and I have some insights about law school rolling around in my head that I hope to flesh out either today or tomorrow, so please tune in for some Unreasonable commentary about law school.


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