Thursday, October 07, 2004

In The News

Our Law Library was in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today (front page, above the fold even... which tells you how slow of a news day it was yesterday in Minneapolis) because we got the letters of Clarence Darrow1. This has been a huge deal at our law school because it is the Library's [trumpet fanfare] One Millionth Volume2. We've had free lunches and music provided by the library all in celebration of the wonderfully round number 1,000,000.

To this I say 1) congratulations to the law library and 2) pass the chips and shut up about it so I can study. It's great that one million is so important to you, but I don't really care. With the advancement of the online legal database, it is becoming less and less important to look things up in books. And in the rare instance where I do have to trod up to the stacks and pull out a book to look something up, I will be able to do it with one of the 999,999 volumes you already had. Thanks thought. Enjoy your party.

1If you follow the link to the story and look at the picture of Darrow, you will see the ugly-ass picture us law students at Minnesota get to see every day as we are walking into the building. Now imagine that mug on a huge 30 ft. by 10 ft. banner. The nice thing about it is if you aren't completely awake in the morning, Mr. Darrow's stern gaze will scare you wide eyed.
2 Which apparently, as a student, I should give a crap about.


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