Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Uniform Commercial Code... a.k.a. Uck

Today's reading for Contracts was our first trip into the land of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), or the "bane of law students everywhere." For my fellow law students1 the cases we were reading dealt with section 2-207, which basically says even if there isn't exact agreement between the parties, a contract is still assumed to be formed... but there are a whole bunch of rules which determine exactly what terms they agreed on. This is commonly referred to as the "Battle of the Forms" because the party which has the *magic* wording in their form usually wins.

Anyway, we had to read three of these big, excruciatingly detailed and long contract cases which go into even more excruciating detail about the particular rules of this section of the UCC. Fine, this is what law school is about, reading cases with excruciating details... I can live with that. But then, at the end of the section we learn that they are rewriting the frickin' UCC so that the rules I just read about won't apply, and the actual rules will, in practice, be very different. I don't care so much about this right now, because I don't think our professor will require we learn both the current UCC section and the proposed UCC section... but what steams me is these changes could get passed next year, and then I would have studied, in excruciating detail, the old UCC rules, and in two years when I have to take the Bar exam, the rules will be completely different.

I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing, considering I won't even remember what the UCC is when I graduate law school2... And I'll have to pay Barbri3 to re-teach me everything I will have forgotten.

Cheers, time for Con Law and the powers of the Executive Branch... Yipeeeeee!

1For my non-law student readers, or people who would have liked to have forgotten Contracts, you can ignore the next sentence or so.
2Just Kidding Prof. Contracts!... Sort of.
3More accurately, my future employer will pay BarBri, I hope.


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