Tuesday, October 12, 2004

And In Other News

This story (from CNN.com) instilled pants-filling terror within me!

Missing nuclear materials capable of being made into a nuclear bomb... MISSING!

According to Chief Inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei, this might have happened because "[t]he U.S. government prevented U.N. weapons inspectors from returning to Iraq - thereby blocking the IAEA from monitoring the high-tech equipment and materials - after the U.S.-led war was launched in March 2003." (quote from article, not a direct quote from ElBaradei)

I'm sure glad we went to Iraq to keep us safe from rogue nations or terrorists trying to acquire nuclear materials. Thank you Mr. Bush! Now excuse me, I have to start making plans to build a nuclear bomb shelter in my basement a la' Blast From the Past.

UPDATE: Just found this article (AP story, also from CNN.com... thanks to Barsk for letting me know about the international poll). Two-thirds of people in our ally countries of Australia, Britain, and Italy1 and 52% of the people here in the U.S. think the war in Iraq is making the threat of terrorism worse2. I totally agree... and the above CNN story shows evidence of that, because not only are we pissing off a whole lot more future terrorists by invading Iraq, but now we have let them get some Nukes.

1 Part of Bush's grand coalition... hmmm... why doesn't it mention Poland?
2 Only three out of ten Americans think the Iraq war has decreased are terrorist threat... those are the 30% that I call "idiots" or "blind"


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