Saturday, October 16, 2004

Seriously, There's Stuff Out There Besides Law?

My wife and I went to one of those bars that had dueling pianos last night. It was fun, except one of them picked a few songs that were really weird in that kind of environment1
Tonight, if my wife is feeling better2, we might go see a midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in Minneapolis. It will be interesting to see if people dress up at this movie theater. I've never seen Rocky Horror "live" before, but I've heard it can be crazy, so I hope we can make it. If not, we'll go next week. The same theater is doing the showings for Halloween.

That's all I have right now. Last week I was too lazy in my studying, so I have to make sure I understand the stuff I sort of read last week... AND read and understand the stuff I need for this week.

1Who wants to go to a bar for lively piano music and hear Fiona Apple's "Criminal"?
2Let's just say she "enjoyed" herself a little too much last night.


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