Friday, November 05, 2004

Moving On Up?

My school has a free blogging service which uses Typepad, and I'm thinking of migrating over. The problem is, the URL of my blog would include my username at school, which would mean I wouldn't be completely anonymous (probably already destroyed, because I don't exactly try to be too secretive). That wouldn't be too big of a deal I guess... I would just have to be sure not to make too much fun of my fellow students (who beg to be made fun of sometimes), my professors (ditto), and the administration of the school (DITTO!). So those of you who were smart and remained un-anonymous (nonymous?) or were "outed", do you feel constrained... do people take you to task for your blog... any negative side effects?

Also, would it be worth switching? I know Blogger is limited, but it has served its purpose well. Thanks for your help, in advance.


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