Sunday, November 21, 2004

That's What Dreams Are Made Of

I'm waaaaayyyyy behind on my outlining for finals, so last night I was up late outlining and reviewing Torts. Unfortunately, the side effect of studying Torts until late at night is that when you sleep, you have very vivid and generally violent dreams. I had dreams that I was being battered, that my wife experienced severe emotional distress because of it, that I was falsely imprisoning someone, but I was privileged to do so, and that my neighbor was setting up a spring gun "shotgun trap" at an abandoned farm house in Iowa that blew some guys leg clean away.

The worst thing about these dreams wasn't their macabre subject matter, but the fact that I was actually analyzing the stupid torts and defenses in my dream. So not only was I dreaming that I was getting battered by some random stranger, but in my dream I was thinking "Does this perpatrator have the necessary intent... Is he swinging that Louisville Slugger for the purpose of causing a harmful or offensive contact with my person or did he know to a substantial certainty that such contact would occur, and thus it is a battery? Or is he just carelessly taking a Sammy Sosa stance and swinging the bat in an area that just happens to be occupied by my head, in which case it is only negligence?"

It's seeping into my dreams now! Arggh!


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