Thursday, September 28, 2006

They Bore You To Death (?)

First, I apologize for the sparseness (sparsity? sparsuation? sparsocracy? whatever) of my posting. When I'm blogging regularly, I am constantly looking for things to post about... when I'm not, I just kind of wade through life not noticing when something awesome or supremely comical happens. Sorry 'bout that. My bad.

OK, now for my partial excuse for the delay. As all you law students have probably heard, there is an addage/cliche which has been used to describe the law school experience in a nutshell. Say it with me:
The first year, they scare you to death. The second year, they work you to death. The third year, they bore you to death.
While there is a certain amount of truth to this addage, it is mostly an oversimplified pile of B.S. What, I didn't work during my fist year? And I don't care if its first year or third year, for at least a few seconds after reading an exam question (you know, before your brain convinces you that you may have learned something about this) you have the fuck scared out of you.

But the biggest B.S. of all is that in the third year, you are bored to death... at least in my case. Sure, I'm incredibly bored in to classes. But, I've been bored in classes since day one, class one (Who's bright idea was it schedule Civ Pro at nine in the morning as my section's first law school class ever?). But with class, reading for class, work, journal editing, and pesky things like hygene, I ain't bored. I may not enjoy what I'm doing, but I have very little free time, so I certainly am not bored.

The phrase really should be: In first year, they scare you, work you, and bore you to death. In second year, they work you and bore you to death. And in third year, they work you and bore you to death, and it is completely pointless because you don't really learn anything anyway.

Oh well, back to some pointless reading that I will forget as soon as I close the book. *Sigh*


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

You forgot to include the main theme that characterizes third-year: complete and total apathy. That's why the saying is that in the 3rd year they bore you death--because we really just don't care anymore.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Melina said... don't know me and this doesn't pertain to your post BUT I was looking at the books that you're reading and I wanted to tell you that Little Friend is an awesome book, The Secret History was just so/so. So there you have it, two cents from a stranger!


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