Friday, February 03, 2006

Resolutions Revisted

It's now February, so this crazy year that is '06 is already 1/12th of the way done, and I want to keep this blog updated on the progress/status of my New Year's Resolutions. So here's how things stand as of today:

1. Get in Shape - I'm actually doing really good on this one. I still go to the gym at least 4 days a week, and usually 5, where I lift a little weight1 and then kill myself on a torture cardio machine for 45 minutes. Because of this I am noticeably thinner (at least when my shirt's off), and have lost about 10 to 12 pounds.2 I'm going to have to revise my weight goals however. I'm still hoping to cut out as much as 40 pounds by summer, but my new goal for March is slightly more realistic... 20 pounds lost instead of 30. That should be doable without having to go on the tapeworm diet.

2. Grades As I mentioned this morning, last semester kicked ass... so I'm hoping to use that momentum and keep 'em up this semester. Except for BA/Corps, the most painful class ever, but I definitely have the potential of doing well in my other classes (I'm hoping Advanced Patents and Statistics for Lawyers will be good grades that won't take too much effort, then I can focus the rest of my study time on Admin. Law and Trademarks, and maybe slide through BA Corps with something decent). Let's hope so.

3. Don't Stress This one I'm not doing so well at. I'm still not in the groove regarding a good reading schedule so I always feel behind. That, and T.O.R.T. seems to swallow up more time than the 3 hours of rehearsal per week that it actually takes. Maybe things will be better in March when the Musical's done.

4. Work-Life Balance Too early to tell on this one. Because I'm stressed out from school, I'm not as nice of a person as I should be in normal life. Hopefully that will be a little better now that my Law Review Note is done, and even better than that after the musical is through.

For this year, 1 and 2 are still the most important. If I can get those done, hopefully the others will fall in line.

1 Very little weight... but even wusses gotta start somewhere.
2Since mid-December... not since the beginning of the year... but mid-December is when I started actually exercising.


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