Friday, February 24, 2006

Damn, I Voted For That Guy

For those fans of The Daily Show (and if you aren't, you really should be), once again a hapless interviewee was made to look like a fool because they didn't know that The Daily Show isn't a real news show ("Ha Ha Ha! Look at the moron who agreed to be interviewed on The Daily Show!"). Unfortunately, their latest "victim"1 was the sitting Governor of Illinois, who I helped put into office (via my lone vote when I was still an Illinois resident).

For those who didn't see the segment a couple weeks ago, it was about a pharmacist in Suburban Illinois refusing to fill a prescription for "emergency birth control" (the latest euphemism for The Morning After Pill, which itself is a euphemism for "Oh Shit! The condom broke!" or "Oh Shit! We were too fucking stupid to use a condom!"). As part of this segment they interviewed Gov. Rod2 Blagojevich (that's pronounced Bluh (rhymes with "Duh" - goy (rhymes with "boy") - uh (rhymes with "uh") - vitch (rhymes with "itch"3)).

When I first saw the skit, I just though the Governor was cool, and had agreed to go on The Daily Show. Nope, turns out the guy didn't know that the show is the fake news.

Here's my question. Why would he admit that he didn't know it was fake? If he pretended that he knew, then he has a good sense of humor, and people (at least "The Young People") would like him (as one quote in the article put it "I thought the governor was hip enough that he would have known that [The Daily Show is a comedy program]"). Now he's a complete tool... a rod, if you will... for being duped by one of the more popular shows on TV.

And I voted for the guy. Crap.

1 I have trouble calling them a real victim, because they agreed to be interviewed and didn't see what kind of show they were being interviewed on.
2 How can there be a Governor Rod? Doesn't that sound like a male stripper who wanted to sound more sophisticated? "Ladies! Are you ready for a dose of state-level executive privilege! HEEEEEREEEEEEE'S Governor Rod!"
3 Admit it, you thought I was going to say rhymes with "bitch" didn't you. You have a dirty mind.


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