Monday, April 25, 2005

Blog Rolling

This blog is finally picking up a little steam and getting the attention the author it so richly deserves. The Unreasonable Man was "featured" in Blawg Review #3, which marks my second straight week on Blawg Review (here's last week's Blawg Review #2), and I recently evolved in the TTLB Ecosystem (I'm now a reptile!).

Yes sir, things are looking up. I expect offers for book deals (Why You Read My Blog by The Unreasonable Man), made for TV movies ("Seduced by the Blog: An Unreasonable Story" to be shown on Lifetime: Television for Women), and soap operas (I'll have to choose between "As the Blog Turns," "Blogs of our Lives," and "All My Blogs") to start rolling in.

Any day now...

Well, start rolling!


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