Thursday, April 21, 2005

Running On Fumes

Tomorrow is my last set of Friday classes for my first year of law school (weird!). I still have Monday through Wednesday, but this is pretty much it. Then I just have to get a job1, pass my finals2, a brief long beer break, write my petition for journals3, and then a beer, and perhaps gambling, binge. Mix and serve.

Anyway, so after tomorrow I only have three days of classes, but I have a dilemma brewing. I have a few highlighters (again with the highlighters?!) that are about to run out, but I absolutely refuse to buy replacements during the last week of classes, if for no other reason but general principal. But, how am I supposed to dramatically over highlight my book so that who ever buys my used books next year can say "What the f*%@ is up with this guy? There is no way he needed to highlight every line, and why the f*%@ did he have to do it in multiple colors?!" It's all part of my fiendish plan to confuse the next generation of law students, just as the previous generation did to me. Screw being nice! I'm gonna mess with their heads! Bwa Ha Ha!4

1I actually have an interview sometime next week, but the recruiter is kind of flaky, so I don't know exactly when yet... so maybe I don't really have an interview.
2Why do finals have to be here so soon?!
3Give me Law Review or give me... um... something less prestigious, like a job at Arby's (The pay sucks, but the fringe benefits are awesome... All the slightly used roast beef you can eat. Mmmm... Roast Beef)
4Long story short, buy your books new... you never know what kind of schmuck had them last year.


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