Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Attendance Will Not Be Mandatory?

The Minnesota Supreme Court is at the Law School today, and I am not attending. When I told some of my friends this yesterday, they all seem shocked. "Why don't you want to go?," they said. Well, there are several reasons:
- First, the case the court is hearing is a criminal law case that really holds no interest for me (alright, the case is about a strip club owner's alleged voter registration fraud, so it holds some interest for me, but I know the actual hearing will be nowhere near as interesting as it sounds)
- Second, just because it's the Minnesota Supreme Court is not enough of a reason for me to want to go... maybe it should be, but it isn't
- Third, just because the law school wants me to go to show that it has an engaged student body who will turn out in droves for the supreme court is also not enough of a reason.
- Fourth, while all of my professors have mentioned the court being here, none of them seemed all excited about it (with the exception of Prof. Crim Law, because the case is a criminal case). In fact, one of my professors openly criticized the law school's push to get us to attend.
- Finally, if the law school really wanted me to go, they would have instructed all my professors and my legal writing instructors to lay off on assignments for the week. Instead, I believe we have more reading than we have ever had, and while our legal writing assignment for this week isn't huge, it still involves a large amount of research.

Maybe I should be grateful for the opportunity to see the state's highest jurists in action... but I guess I'm just an ungrateful bastard.


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