Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Few Of My Favorite Words

I have a new favorite word thanks to our Con Law discussion regarding freedom of speech in schools. Inculcate1.

This is just one of the many words that are used in the legal profession to make lawyers, law professors, and now law students sound smarter and more important than they are.

My other favorite. Instrumentality. A six-syllable way of saying "instrument", which is itself a three-syllable way of saying "thing" or "that"2.

This is what I do instead of finishing my Property assignment at 10:30 at night. Did I learn nothing from last semester?

1Which, as you may recall is fancy-pants talk for "teach," or more cynically "indoctrinate."
2If you want to sound smarter, adding syllables is a great method. Try it. It also works for "utilize" instead of "use," or "impracticable" in place of "impractical," or the slightly more colloquial "that s**t ain't gonna work"


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