Sunday, January 09, 2005

Moon Over Lambeau

The Vikings shellacked the Packers and all is right in the Purple Pride-lands... but all anyone wanted to talk about (at least on the Fox post game show) was Randy Moss's fake mooning of the Packer fans after his second touchdown catch.

While I don't think this move was classy, I think the fake outrage over this by the Fox broadcasters was just as offensive as Randy's "outrageous" behavior. First, it's Randy Moss, what do you expect? Second, all of Howie Long's preaching about class would be more convincing if he wasn't busy running out the door to pimp himself in another Radio Shack commercial, and all the lambasting of this classless move (coming from Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw no less) also would be more convincing if it wasn't coming from a football broadcast with countless commercials for boner pills and their latest show, Who's Your Daddy? Classy indeed. Third, the "mooning" was done towards Packers fans, some of the most classless (read: drunk) fans in sports.

I'm sorry, but this was a football game, not a reading of a Voltaire novel. What kind of behavior did they expect? Perhaps I don't see the outrage because I'm a Vikings fan and I hate the Packers, but really is this really that big of a deal?


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