Monday, January 31, 2005

Maturity... It's Overated*

So, I'm reading a case about a statute where protestors can't approach patients within 100 feet of the door of a health-care facility (obviously trying to stop, among other things, harrassing abortion protestors at abortion clinics), and Justice Stevens says that the statute "takes a prophylactic approach" to preventing harrasing patients1. This immediately created the image in my mind of the abortion protestors being required to wear full body condoms (a la' "The Naked Gun"). The second wildly mature thought that entered my head was that "If the patients had taken a prophylactic approach, they wouldn't have to go to the clinic."

How can I be old enough to be in law school?

*You poopy-head
1Don't believe me, check it out at 530 U.S. 703, 729. Prophylactic is used not once, not twice, but thrice.


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