Monday, May 10, 2004

Why Do Weekends Have To Lead To A New Week?

So I had a good weekend, particularly Saturday. My flag football team ended our three game losing streak (by far the longest losing streak of this young franchise) with a buzzer to buzzer, all out dominance. And I played pretty good too.

On Saturday night, Wife and I went to the Rockin' de Mayo festival in the River West neighborhood here in Chicago to see Fountains of Wayne. It was pretty fun, although both my wife and I looked around at the meat market before us and were glad that we were not single and trying to pick up on people in that kind of environment. The show was good (although having to pay only $10 was a nice plus), the weather was good (upper 60's, no rain), and Wife and I had a good time. The funniest part was because Fountains of Wayne is not really that well known, very few people knew many of their songs, and about half the crowd left after they played "Stacy's Mom," their only mainstream hit. Anyway, they did most of the songs from the most recent album (welcome Interstate Managers), including the catchy "Hey Julie" (see my song lyric for March 17, 2004), the funny "Bright Future In Sales" ("Sleeping on a planter at the Port Authority, waiting for my bus to come. Seven scotch-and-sodas at the office party, Now I don't remember where I'm from"), the weird "Leave the Biker" (Chorus "He's got his arms around every man's dream, and crumbs in his beard from the seafood special. Oh can't you see my world is falling apart. Baby, please! Leave the biker, leave the biker, break his heart.") and the fun "Mexican Wine" ("I used to fly for United Airlines. Then I got fired for reading High Times. My license expired in almost no time. Now I'm retired and I think that's fine"). Anyway, they're a good show if you like pop/rock type music.

Sunday was spent relaxing and watching TV. All was good in the world. And now I'm back at work. Yuck.


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