Monday, May 03, 2004

Adoptions... It's what's for Baby

So Wife TiVoed1 the 20/20 show on adoption that I discussed on Thursday... and although I resented having to watch it, the show wasn't as Survioresque2 as I originally thought it would be. I really did seem to be intended to educate about adoption, particularly open adoptions, where the birth mother gets to visit the child occasional. The only problem I had with the whole show was that the birth mother was A) whiny (even for a 16 year old) and 2) Selfish (even for a 16 year old). She "eliminated" some of the more qualified applicants because she didn't like their personalities (NOT because she thought they would be bad parents) and because the couples wouldn't give her carte blanche3 visitation rights where she could visit whenever she wanted. Anyway, decent society wasn't completely trampled upon, just slightly.

1Despite the possibility of it being used to record stuff like this show, TiVo is still awesome
2Anything of the tacky, realty TV show type of programming... in other words, every show on TV right now. Plus, a chance to brush up on my footnoting skills, which I am sure will come in handy in law school
3 carte blanche - def. A fancy way of saying "unlimited" which makes you sound a) smart (to people who aren't smart) and b) pompous (to everyone, but particularly people who ARE smart)


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