Thursday, May 19, 2005

Can't Blog... Petitioning

Sorry for the radio silence as of late, but up until last Friday I was doing the "Exam Thing," and then on Friday night I was doing the "Drinking Heavily Thing," then on Saturday I was doing the "Why Did I Drink So Heavily Thing," then it was "Time To Write Onto Law Review Thing" (which Minnesota calls "The Petition Thing.") So I've been a bit busy reading 300 pages about some boring legal subject1, and then I will be a bit busy writing about said boring subject. So I would expect to hear much from me for awhile. For my fellow journal-wanna-bes, Mike at Wings and Vodka has some advice2.

1I'm not sure if mentioning it is an Honor Code violation that would immediately disqualify me from the petition.
2Oh Shit! How do you Bluebook a blog entry?! How about... Mike, Wings & Vodka,, Accessed May 19, 2005.


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Masha said...

funny you asking how to bluebook a blog entry is an honor code violation ;) GOOD LUCK! It sucks, doesn't it :(

At 12:03 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

Good luck! The petition is a pain in the ass.

I did most of the reading on mine once I'd gotten the packet, then left it alone for a few days, then did pretty much all of the writing in the span of about 50 hours. I wouldn't recommend that you do the same.


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