Friday, March 18, 2005

Battle of Who Could Care Less

So my undergrad alma mater (Iowa State) played my current school (Minnesota) in the NCAA tournament and won handily. Lots of people1 asked me who I was cheering for. To be quite honest, I didn't care. I haven't been paying attention to sports pretty much this whole school year2, and I haven't really had time to work up any kind of enthusiasm for either team. I guess I'm happy the Cyclones won, and I definitely hope they pull off the upset against North Carolina tomorrow, but the Tournament just doesn't hold my fascination like it once did. Maybe I'm actually maturing3

1By "lots of people" I mean my parents, my wife, and maybe my wife's parents.
2I've been distracted by something, I can't really remember what.
3No, not really.


At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Kathryn said...

Just wanted to let you know there's another Cyclone out there who's been reading your blog for a while (I'm a senior in ME).


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