Monday, February 28, 2005

Please Don't [Chris] Rock Me Tonight

Lots of talk in the law school today about Chris Rock on the Oscars last night.1 The main discussion seems to be focus either on how funny his opening monologue was (which I kind of fall into) or how inappropriate his jokes were about President Bush. I won't comment on the "controversy," but I do have some questions.

Why does everybody (blog author included) that repeats a joke Chris Rock tells, or quotes a Chris Rock character from a movie, automatically adopts the Rock's speech mannerisms (kind of choppy and yelly)? Why do we do that with come people (Shaun Connery also springs to mind), but not for others (who do you know that tries to sound like Warren Beatty)?

Why am I thinking about this instead of studying? All questions for the ages.

1Alright, that's a lie... there is a little tiny bit of talk about Chris Rock.


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