Sunday, September 11, 2005

We Apologize For the Delay

So, at least one reader has wondered what I have been up to. Sorry, last week was the first week of classes and was more hectic than I anticipated. Here is a brief summary:
1) Classes - Not bad so far. Patents - No hard concepts yet, but a shitload of reading. Prof. Patents has no qualms about assigning 40 pages per assignment. No qualms! Evidence - Also not too hard yet... but also a lot of reading. So far, Prof. Evidence is the most interesting and funny. Pretrial Skills - Actually haven't been to the class yet, because...
2) I had 2 interviews in New York on Thursday (when Pretrial Skills met) and on Friday. Thursday was a large (not large by NY standards, but still pretty damn big) general practice firm, but I was interviewing for their IP department, and Friday was a fairly large IP boutique firm (large by IP boutique standards, downright tiny by general practice standards). I also went to the Broadway show Avenue Q... it was awesome, and hilarious. I think the song titles speak for themselves: "It Sucks To Be Me," "I Wish I Could Go Back to College," and "The Internet is for Porn," among others.
3) Finished my first cite checking assignement for Law Review. Sure it pretty much sucked, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But, I haven't gotten an evaluation from my editor, so maybe I did a crappy job and next time will suck royally.
4) I'm ALREADY way behind on my reading because of 1)-3)... and it's only week 2. SUCK!

So, there will not be much time for posting during the next few days. Sorry... but I take solace in the fact that very few people actually read this thing anyway.


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