Monday, September 12, 2005

Mystery Revealed

Last year at this time I remember thinking "How do those 2L's do it? How do they juggle class, and a journal or moot court, and interviews?" Well, now I have learned their dirty litle secret, because now it is my dirty little secret as well.

They don't.

That's right... we don't juggle it all. At least one of the balls has to drop. Right now I am trying to keep the interviewing ball up in the air because if I don't get a job, it doesn't really matter how awesome I do in class, or how good my journal article was. But, very soon I am going to have to pick up that damn class-reading ball, and I know that later in this week the law review ball is going to get heavier as my "Source List" is due Friday.

Hooray! I can confirm that, at least during the first few weeks, the old adage that in the second year "They Work You To Death" is true.


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