Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roberts Rules of Order

I don't have much to say about Supreme Court nominee John Roberts right now except to say that he seems more than qualified, both in terms of intellect and experience (albeit significantly younger than I would have expected... but Bush has said he wants to make a last impression on the court, so it makes sense). I'll wait to see what kind of information, or disinformation, comes out from each side now and during the confirmation hearings. My guess is he should be confirmed, and that he will be confirmed1

The only thing I will say is didn't President Bush say he wanted to nominate a candidate for diversity (something along the lines of he wanted to nominate a candidate who would represent a diverse group of people)? But then he ended up nominating a white, male? Not exactly diverse, particularly when he is replacing a woman.

1Dems can't really afford the political capital it would take to try and block him if that's what they decided to do... what with all the backlash and finger pointing it would bring from the GOP. This is especially true if they end up being unable to block him anyway.


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