Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vegas #2: The Shows Baby!

There are two things that Vegas is known for: 1) Gambling; 2) Shows1. I will talk about our gambling in a later post. But now, I will talk about the types of shows you can go to in Vegas. First, the shows we went to:
1) A Broadway Show - This is a fairly new development in Vegas, but I've heard that more and more Broadway shows are going to do a long run in Vegas before they start touring nationally. We saw Avenue Q, which is a very funny show which I saw on Broadway when I interviewed in New York back in September, and the Unreasonable Wife wanted to see it too. If you get a chance to see this, in New York or Vegas, GO! It is hilarious. It's got two puppets having sex, what's not funny about that?
2) Magic Shows - There are at least three magic shows that we saw advertisements for. Most of these are the corny, David Copperfield or Siegfried-and-Roy type flashy show. Including Lance Burton: Master Magician, which we saw. Nothing really to say about this. If you've seen a magic shows, you pretty much seen what Lance is all about. A lot of levitating and using silver hoops to show "She's really floating!" Pretty standard really.
3) Comedy Show - Several stand up comedians do shows in Vegas. We just went to a stand-up club where a couple comedians performed. I've seen one of them before (Cathy Ladman), but overall it was just OK.
4) Free Performances at Casinos - Several casinos have these shows so you will come for the show, and stay for the gambling. We went to a couple of these... The Sirens of TI at Treasure Island (a.k.a. the tackiest show ever), and Masquerade: Show in the Sky at the Rio (an attempt to simulate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro). Both were OK... eh.

And the shows we didn't go to:
1) Celine Dion - AHHHH! There aren't enough free comps in Vegas to make me go see this show!
2) Showgirls! (a.k.a. "The Revue") - You know, the huge headdresses and the bare breasts. We didn't go to one of these because they were expensive. There's also the opposite variety, the Showdudes shows... Which currently include The Thunder From Down Under and American Storm
3) Impersonators - Most famously brought to Vegas by Elvis Impersonators, and now including several shows, including Legends in Concert, a Rat Pack Show, and a Beatles tribute called Fab Four Mania. We also saw the Neil Diamond impersonator as we were walking through the Riviera (at least I hope he was the Neil Diamond impersonator, or else it was just a guy with really bad taste).
4) Strip Clubs - Come on. I was there with my wife.
5) Cirque de Soleil - There are current four, yes FOUR, Cirque de Soleil shows in Vegas (and there will be a fifth later this year). Whether its Mystere, KA, "O", or the slightly creepy Zumanity, they're all weird... but all supposedly good. There's also a Cirque de Soleil wanna be at the Wynn called La Reve (you can tell it is Cirque de Soleil-ian if it uses a vaguely french phrase)

There are others... basically, you can see whatever you want in Vegas.

1 OK, and prostitution... but lets try to have just one post that doesn't talk about whores.


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