Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Great Note Topic for Next Year

Are you a 1L who will be on a journal next year? Are you afraid of picking a Note Topic? Well, luck for you, the Unreasonable Man is here for you (well, one of you, because only one person can write on this gem). According to an article from today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune, attorneys for former Vikings "Quarterback" Daunte Culpepper and current running back Moe Williams for the Lake Minnetonka Sex Cruise scandal are arguing that the prosecutor have not alleged illegal sexual activity. Apparently, this issue turns on the definition of "lap dance" under the law:
Judge Kevin Burke questioned the attorneys as he tried to reach a legal definition of a lap dance, saying he knows of no relevant case law.
Talk about a sexy legal topic... literally! And imagine the research possibilities. No longer do you have to feel like perv for sneaking off to Deja Vu... now you're "Doing legal research."

You're welcome.


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